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    "Our cattle forage for themselves, eating succulent grasses such as timothy grass, blue grama, red top and clover. They drink live water from mountain streams and roam freely. This environment creates a superior taste in the beef."
    Brandon Natural Beef  

We formed Brandon Natural Beef to bring to market great tasting 100% grass fed beef which was raised in the alpine pastures of Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains near Westcliffe, Colorado. Our objectives are to share this great tasting beef, to advocate the health benefits of grass fed beef, to support traditional small family ranching and to enhance the lives of cattle.

Extraordinary flavor
Like fine wine, 100% grass fed beef captures the unique characteristics of the grasses upon which the cattle feed. Brandon Natural Beef cattle roam in alpine meadows their entire lives and drink from fresh mountain water. The succulent grasses- timothy grass, blue grama, red top and clover-provide a natural healthy diet for our cattle and result in an outstanding beef taste.

Better for you
The unique health attributes of eating 100% grass fed beef are compelling. It has more protein and higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids than grain/corn fed beef. Not only is it better for you nutritionally, it is a naturally safer product, with greatly reduced risk of contamination versus feedlot beef.

Traditional Ranching
Small family ranching is an integral part of Westcliffe and the Wet Mountain Valley area of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Our ranching partner, Elin Rusher, of Music Meadows Ranch, represents a multi-generational commitment to ranching. Buying our beef supports small ranchers, such as Elin.

Enhanced Animal Health and Welfare
As ruminants, cattle are meant to eat grass. By encouraging consumption of 100% grass fed beef, we support cattle grazing for their entire lives on pasture. This is healthier for them and less stressful than being shipped to feed lots. They are able to eat their natural foods their entire lives, not endure stressful moves and crowded living conditions. With proper grazing management by the rancher, grass fed cattle not only lead healthy lives, but, fertilize their pastures.Their natural fertilizer contributes to the organic health of the pasture and grasses.

At Brandon Natural Beef, we want to increase interest in 100% grass fed beef, enhance your enjoyment of beef, and ensure that you have the very best quality product. Our success depends on your unconditional delight with Brandon Natural Beef.

We look forward to sharing our beef with you.


Bob and Lisa Carey


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