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    "Our cattle forage for themselves, eating succulent grasses such as timothy grass, blue grama, red top and clover. They drink live water from mountain streams and roam freely. This environment creates a superior taste in the beef."
    Our Cattle  

   Westclife Photographer Bill Gillette captures ranching and the excitement of the roundup in the Wet
   Mountain Valley of Colorado

Brandon Natural Beef brings you a premier quality beef because our cattle are Herefords, they are100% pasture raised, and they lead low stress lives. Brandon Natural Beef has a high degree of quality control and ages its beef to mouth watering tenderness.

First, Brandon Natural Beef cattle are Hereford Cattle. Originating in Herefordshire England, Herefords are a versatile beef breed which thrive in many environments. Over one hundred and twenty-five years experience with Herefords in the Wet Mountain Valley shows that they are particularly well suited for its high altitude environment. Besides being an excellent breed for alpine pastures, Herefords produce tender, delicious beef.

Our cattle are naturally raised in a pristine mountain environment. Living their entire lives in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains, they are never fed growth hormones or antibiotics. They feed on different types of alpine grasses which is what their systems are designed to digest. They roam freely and drink fresh mountain water. A natural diet of different mountain grasses means that Brandon Natural beef has a rich beef flavor.

Feedlot management and extensive transportation can increase the stress that cattle experience. This can affect their tenderness and quality of life. Our cattle never see a feedlot and are trucked only at the end of their lives to a processing plant located less than two hours away. They are minimally processed at a USDA inspected facility. Once slaughtered, our cattle are wet aged for a minimum of twenty-one days. Stress free cattle management, combined with aging, produces tender flavorful beef.

Brandon Natural Beef’s Hereford cattle are raised with their health, your health, and good beef eating in mind.

        “You have to start with good beef. That’s why we use Herefords: a breed “consistently rated
       superior to the USDA beef, regardless of grade, in tenderness, juiciness and flavor (source The       Colorado State  University Hereford Study). These cattle also have the hardiness to thrive at our       8,000 to 14,294 foot   elevation, year round.”- Elin Rusher

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