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    "Our cattle forage for themselves, eating succulent grasses such as timothy grass, blue grama, red top and clover. They drink live water from mountain streams and roam freely. This environment creates a superior taste in the beef."
    Our Rancher  

Elin Rusher, our rancher, has been raising cattle her entire life and her family has been raising cattle for four generations. Working in the shadow of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Elin cares for her cattle through spring snow, summer rain, frequent wind and occasional drought. On Music Meadows Ranch, she personally raises her cattle and knows each one. Her grass fed cattle are never fed grain and never see a feedlot.

Raising 100% grass fed cattle means calves go from Mamma to fresh hay to summer mountain pasture. Her cattle roam through a given pasture and then are rotated to a fresh pasture to ensure they get the best alpine grasses. As a rancher of 100% grass fed cattle, Elin is the ultimate steward of the land. There is a symbiotic relationship between her cattle and the pastures. As the cattle move around, the grasses are mowed and fertilized. Cattle know how to find the best grass and have the ability to scale the alpine terrain in search of it. Elin has to manage the grass and the cattle week to week as weather conditions dictate the next move.

Raising 100% grass fed beef is a business and a love. It is very enjoyable for Elin to irrigate the pastures, see the ground soak up the water, watch the grass grow and then see the cattle grow fat. She also finds satisfaction in expertly handling the cattle which is a skill of both horse and rider. The roundup is alive and well at Music Meadows Ranch. Romantic and exciting, it also is an art, perfected over many years and much experience. Elin learned as a child from her Dad and has in turn taught her own two daughters and two sons the same timeless ways. Ranching is a process of constant motion and constant concern for the cattle. When we eat 100% grass fed beef, we are supporting this multigenerational commitment to sustainable ranching and land stewardship.

      " I can easily understand why it is so important to folks in almost every walk of life to know where      their foods come from...how it was raised...and that they can depend on not only the quality but the     integrity behind it. It is very rewarding to play a major role in producing such a unique beef product 
    to those who choose our beef. "
- Elin Rusher

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