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    "Our cattle forage for themselves, eating succulent grasses such as timothy grass, blue grama, red top and clover. They drink live water from mountain streams and roam freely. This environment creates a superior taste in the beef."
    Product Quality and Safety  

Brandon Natural Beef is dedicated to product quality and safety.

First, 100% grass fed beef is an inherently safer product. Unlike feedlot raised beef, our cattle roam freely on pasture their entire lives. The risk of bacterial infection that occurs from the grain diet of feedlot cattle is minimized by letting cattle eat their natural food-grass-which promotes healthier immune systems in the animals. 100% pasture raised cattle also lead healthier lives because they don’t end up in crowded unnatural feedlots.

100% pastured raised cattle result in healthy cattle and quality beef. Source verification provides traceability of our beef. It is part of our operating philosophy. Our Rancher keeps comprehensive records on each animal. She hand picks her cattle and knows and cares for them their entire lives. The processing plant uses a barcode system which allows us to trace an individual cut of beef back to its source animal. Source verification provides the information that allows customers to know what they are getting when they buy Brandon Natural Ranch beef.

Our processor, a USDA inspected facility in continuous operation for sixty-five years, utilizes a patented “rinse and chill” process which enhances beef quality, safety and tenderness. Processing in small batches, it maintains a high degree of control, which can be compromised in more rapid production line processing.

Intimate care by our rancher, traceability of our product, and high quality technology in our processing all contribute to Brandon Natural Beef quality, safety and peace of mind.

Please see Learn More for additional information on Product Quality and Safety.
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