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    "Our cattle forage for themselves, eating succulent grasses such as timothy grass, blue grama, red top and clover. They drink live water from mountain streams and roam freely. This environment creates a superior taste in the beef."
    Where to Find Brandon Natural Beef - 100% Grass Fed Beef  

Thank you for your interest in purchasing Brandon Natural Beef 100% Grass Fed beef. We have been selling our beef to friends and restaurants around the San Francisco Bay Area. The response to our beef’s flavor has been fantastic. Restaurants such as Lalime’s (Berkeley), Harris’s Steak House (SF), Boccadillos (SF), Liverpool Lil’s, Florio’s offer our beef today. We have also been served at Quince, One Market, Bix, SPQR, Choquet, Marche (South Bay) and Mistral Rotisseriere Provencale. Now, we welcome the opportunity to share our 100% grass fed beef with you so you can experience a taste of Colorado.

Our 100%
grass fed beef captures the flavors of the succulent Alpine meadows of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Colorado. Grass for our cattle, raised by ranchers who care, means wonderful natural beef for you. No grains, no antibiotics or hormones, no feedlots. Sample our Taste, our Tenderness and Tradition!

When you eat our beef, you will discover the true taste of beef. Think health and think green.

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